Intended use:

Usage of Compact Dry YMR is a simple, safe and fast test procedure for determination and quantification of yeasts and molds in foods or raw materials – as well as pharmaceutical raw materials.

The incubation time from application of sample/sample dilution to the final evaluation is in cases of most food matrices only 48 hours. For some special food matrices which contain growth reducing substances the incubation time needs to be extended to 72 hours in total.

The Compact Dry plates in general consist of a special 50 mm diameter petri dish containing a detection specific nutrient pad. The ready-to-use, chromogenic Compact Dry plates are suitable for in-process controls as well as controls of finished products. With special swab tests as Promedia ST-25 (Art. No. Z0302) or Compact Dry Swabs (Art. No. ZCS1002953) which are both available from R-Biopharm, Compact Dry plates may also be used for surface sampling and therefore applied for quantitative hygiene monitoring even at surfaces which are difficult to reach.

General information:

Specific molds as well as yeast are used for industrial purposes (e.g. cheese production). Harmful genera of molds exist as well and are able to produce toxins (mycotoxins). Almost all molds have an allergenic potential related to their spore form capabilities.

During growth on the nutrient medium of Compact Dry YMR colonies of yeasts and molds show different color reactions and therefore they are easily to differentiate. The chromogenic substrate X-Phos initiates a blue coloration of nearly all yeast colonies. Molds will soon appear as light blue, diffuse looking colonies and later on form their typical three-dimensional structures in the air space between nutrient pad and plate cover. The coloration of the air structures might be different according to the special type of mold. Growth of bacterial species on Compact Dry YMR is inhibited by antibiotics which are added to the medium.


Compact Dry YMR has been submitted for approval at MicroVal, NordVal and AOAC-RI.

Art. No. HS9801, HS9802
Test format 100 nutrient plates or 40 nutrient plates, respectively - where four plates are packed in one aluminum bag
Incubation time 48 to 72 h at 25 – 30 °C
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