Art. No.: RBRP10

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Art. No.: RBRP10

Intended use

A simple membrane test for the rapid detection of non-durum wheat adulteration of durum wheat (semolina).

General Information

The kit uses a monoclonal antibody which is specific for the protein friabilin which is present in non-durum wheats but not in durum wheat.

When non-Durum wheat is present in the sample, a complex forms between the extracted protein, friabilin, and the enzyme-labeled antibody.

After addition of a color reagent, a color change from colorless to blue-violet occurs in the presence of non-Durum wheat in the sample. No color development means 100% durum wheat without adulteration.

Note: DUROTEST® S is only used to test the flour for the presence of non-durum wheat or friabilin; the test is not for testing processed or cooked foods.

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Art. NoRBRP10
Test formatReagents and membrane strips suitable for 40 analysis.
Sample preparationFlour samples are extracted to release any friabilin protein. The extract is then absorbed onto the membrane, and the strip is saturated with a blocking agent. An enzyme labelled monoclonal antibody specific to the protein is then added. If non-durum wheat is present in the sample then a complex will be formed between the extracted friabilin protein and the enzyme labelled antibody. After washing the strip, a clear coloured staining reagent is added which forms a blue / purple coloured deposit in the presence of the friabilin /antibody enzyme complex. The degree of blue / purple colour with the sample is proportional to the percentage of non-durum wheat present. No colour developed indicates 100 % durum wheat (i.e. no adulteration).
Incubation timeThe total assay time takes approximately 35 minutes to perform.
LOD (Detection Limit)Detects 3 % non-durum wheat
Detected analyte

Friabilin protein in non-durum wheat