Intended use:

Quantitative determination of high molecular weight ß-Glucan from barley in malt-mash and wort (EBC 4.16.3, MEBAK, in combination with sample extraction method EBC 4.5.1. The assay does not involve any enzyme, the reaction is a chemical / colorimetric reaction (therefore it belongs ot the product line Enzytec™ Color).

General information:

The test has been developed by the company NovaBiotec – Dr. Fechter GmbH and production has been transferred to R-Biopharm AG. The raw materials and the production procedures for the original GlucaTest® Rapid assay (NovaBiotec) and the new Enzytec Color Gluca Test kits are identical. Only the packaging has been slightly changed in order to fit to the new production facilities.

Art. No. E3500 / E3550
Test format Two test-kits are available for respectively 40 samples (E3500) and 160 samples (E3550).
Sample preparation The method for sample preparation has been described under EBC method 4.5.1 (Extract of malt: Congress mash). It is mandatory to prepare the samples according to this method if the test is used according to EBC 4.16.3.
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