EuroProxima Trimethoprim ELISA

Art. No.: 5101TMP

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Product info

EuroProxima Trimethoprim ELISA

Art. No.: 5101TMP

Intended use

The Trimethoprim ELISA is a competitive enzyme immunoassay based on antibodies directed against trimethoprim.

General Information

Trimethoprim (TMP) is a member of the dihyrofolate reductase inhibitors and is widely administered in combination with sulfonamides (among other antibiotics) for the treatment of animal infectious diseases. Maximum residue limits for TMP are established world-wide. In the European Union a maximum residue limit of 50 μg/kg in pork, chicken and fish is in force.


Flyer “Sulfonamides: screening of this antibiotic group by ELISA”

Art. No5101TMP
Test formatMicrotiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 removable wells each)
LOD (Detection Limit)Meat: 1.42 μg/kg
Fish and shrimp: 1.79 μg/kg
Milk and milk powder: 1.92 μg/kg
Egg: 0.66 μg/kg
Urine: 1.32 μg/kg
Validated matrices

Meat, fish and shrimp, milk and milk powder, egg, urine

EvaluationCompetitive enzyme immunoassay (450 nm)