Intended use:

A competitive enzyme immunoassay for screening and quantitative analysis of tylosin in various matrices.

General information:

Tylosin is a macrolide antibiotic that is active against Gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasmas. It is used in pigs, cattle and poultry for the treatment of conditions caused by sensitive organisms. In beekeeping tylosin is used to prevent infection diseases like American foulbrood. Tylosin consists predominantly of tylosin A and varying amounts of tylosin B, tylosin C and tylosin D. In the past, tylosin has been used as a feed additive in animal feed to promote growth, but in 1998 it was banned in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) no. 2821/98.

The Tylosin ELISA is a competitive enzyme immunoassay based on antibodies directed against tylosin.

Art. No. 5151TYL
Test format Microtiter plate, 96 wells.
Sample preparation For milk, honey, egg, feed, tissue, serum and urine fast and efficient methods are included in the kit manual.
Incubation time 75 minutes
Detection limit Milk 2.5 ppb
Honey 2.5 ppb
Egg 2.5 ppb
Feed 2.5 ppb
Tissue 2.5 ppb
Serum 2.5 ppb
Urine 2.5 ppb
Cross reactivity

Tylosin A 100%, Tylosin B 36%, Chloramphenicol 0%, Fluoroquinolones 0%, Leucomalachite green 0%, Tetracyclines 0%

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