KOBRA® CELL Membrane

Art. No.: RBRK02

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Product info

KOBRA® CELL Membrane

Art. No.: RBRK02

Intended use

Replacement membrane for the KOBRA® CELL (RBRK01).

General Information

It is necessary to regularly monitor the performance of the KOBRA® CELL in order to detect any deterioration in the membrane contained within. The performance should be checked at the time of installation and then weekly by comparing the peak areas of a known aflatoxin standard. The same should also be done in order to monitor the deterioration of the lamp in the detector. The membrane is the site of the actual derivatisation reaction (ion-exchange occurs on the membrane). The membrane starts a clear colour and changes to yellow in colour around the reaction centre. The colour change indicates that the membrane will need to be replaced. Deterioration of the membrane will occur over a period of time depending upon the frequency of use and the type of samples analysed. When the performance becomes unacceptable the membrane should be replaced. Normally, it is found that even under extreme workloads the membrane does not need to be replaced for at least 6 months or 1,000 injections.



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Art. NoRBRK02
Test format1 x replacement membrane