Intended use:

Electrochemical cell for the derivatisation of aflatoxins B1 and G1 using HPLC.

General information:

The KOBRA® CELL is based on an electrochemical cell, fitted between the HPLC column, the detector which consists of a platinum working electrode and a stainless steel auxiliary electrode, separated by an ion exchange membrane. The principle of the technique is to deliver to the KOBRA® CELL, the mobile phase containing the derivatisation agent precursor, a potassium bromide salt, and aflatoxins. Bromine is then generated electrochemically by applying a constant potential at the working electrode. The resulting electrochemical reaction enables aflatoxins B1 and G1 to be derivatised in-situ to their brominated derivatives, which gives an enhanced fluorescence response.



Art. No. RBRK01
Test format Each pack contains:
1 Power Pack,
2 Electrode Connection Leads,
50 cm x 0.5 mm ID PEEK Tubing,
1 Spare Membrane
Validated matrices

Paprika, figs, peanuts, maize

Approvals Officially recognised AOAC method and the only device listed by CEN reference method for import control
SDS2017-01_K01_KOBRA-CELL-V11_MSDS_EN_LowRes.pdf (English)
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