Intended use:

The Lateral Flow Brazil Nut assay is used for the qualitative detection of brazil nut residues in surface samples got from e.g. production lines. The assay is also applicable for food samples. The assay is applied for the detection of small amounts of brazil nut contaminations.

General information:

Brazil nut contaminations in food possibly elicit hypersensitivity in sensitive persons. Food production lines have to be free of residues to prevent these allergic reactions. The effectiveness of cleaning can be verified by using the Lateral Flow Brazil Nut Swabbing method.

Art. No. BL602-25
Test format 25 x test strips (1 determination per strip)
Sample preparation Swabbing method: cleaning surface with pre-treated swab, wash out the swab and measure
Food assay: homogenise food sample, filter, measure
Incubation time 10 min
Detection limit Limit of detection: 1 mg/kg depending on the matrix
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