Pictus 500

Art. No.: ZP500

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Product info

Pictus 500

Art. No.: ZP500

Intended use

The Pictus 500 is a fully automated bench top system that is particularly suitable for the automation of R-Biopharm enzymatic Enzytec™ Liquid tests.

General Information

Pictus 500 analyzer can achieve a total throughput of up to 340 tests per hour and comes with a full service package including instrument, intuitive Windows-based software, technical and applicative support, maintenance, reagents and verified applications.

A constant process temperature of 37 °C ensures optimal reaction conditions for all tests.

All steps of the assay processing such as the detection of the samples by a barcode reader, sample dilution, liquid handling and preheating (samples/reagents), photometric read out and result calculation are automated.


Features & Advantages

  • Time saving – walk-away system to optimize your laboratory workflow
  • User-friendly – ready to use reagents and automatic sample pre-dilution
  • Robust and stable – long on-board stability of reagents due to integrated cooling-system
  • Flexible – continuous loading of samples and reagents
  • Cost-effective & sustainable – cost reduction due to lower reagent consumption and reusable cuvettes


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Art. NoZP500
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