Premi®Test Starter Kit

Art. No.: ZPT-2000

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Product info

Premi®Test Starter Kit

Art. No.: ZPT-2000

Intended use

The Premi®Test Starter Kit contains all accesssories for the implementation of Premi®Test (R3900 / R3925): meatpress, incubator, timer and scissor.

General Information

The treatment of farm animals with antibiotics leads to drug residues in tissues, which pose a health risk to the consumer of animal products.
Premi®Test (R3900 / R3925) is a rapid microbial test that allows easy screening of food and animal products by all members of the production chain such as slaughterhouses, meat processing plants and analytical laboratories.



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Art. NoZPT-2000
Test format1 x incubator and incubator manual, 1 x meatpress, 1 x timer, 1 x scissor, 1 x pen, 1 x suitcase.