Intended use:

The material of the RIDA®QUICK Soya accessory pack is recommended to accomplish the swab test with the RIDA®QUICK Soya kit (R7103). The laboratory equipment of the RIDA®QUICK Soya accessory pack is especially compiled for the eradication of the sample preparation of RIDA®QUICK Soya. It includes a test tube holder, a floating rack and a pipette for 150 µl.

General Information:

The test tube holder can be used for the storage of 5 ml plastic tubes and 2 ml tubes. It is sufficient to place 16 tubes.
The floating rack is sufficient for 8 x 2 ml tubes and can also be used with an electric kettle.
It is possible to pipette 150 μ reaction solution with the reusable pipette.


Article NumbersZ7103
Test format 1 x Test tube holder
1 x Floating rack
1 x Pipette (150 µl)
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