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Allergenmanagement with confidence with the bioavid lateral flow devices

The new allergen LFDs incl. hook line from bioavid are easy-to-use immunochromatographic tests for the qualitative detection of allergen residues. They are specific and versatile, e.g. in food production lines, for rinse water samples and raw materials.

Food must not contain undeclared allergens. To avoid unintentional contamination, allergen management is essential in the food industry. This includes testing within the entire manufacturing process, from testing the raw materials supplied, tests to avoid contamination during transport, storage and production, as well as in final product inspection. An overview on allergen management and the recommended analytical solutions can be found here.  One component of allergen management are lateral flow allergen tests (LFDs). LFDs are mainly used in allergen management for cleaning controls (e.g. testing of production lines, surfaces and rinse water). 

Hook line included to detect false negative results

Everything included for hygiene testing

Validated for selected foods

Fast and reliable results in 10 minutes

Suitable for everyone – even for non-laboratory staff

Ideal for cleaning control: 

Especially to avoid allergen cross-contamination, efficient and thorough cleaning (e.g. of production facilities, laboratory equipment) is essential. With the help of bioavid LFDs, you can check your cleaning efficiency and thus avoid unintended transfer of allergens into allergen-free foods. 

This can be done with the help of surface testing (swabbing) or the analysis of the rinse water samples (CIP water). CIP water can be used directly in the test without further processing. 

Everything included for cleaning control: 

In order to make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible for our customers, the revised, new bioavid format contains everything for cleaning control (pre-filled PBS vials, plastic swabs for swabbing, plastic disposable pipettes). No additional equipment needs to be ordered.   

The bioavid products are versatile: 

In addition to cleaning efficiency control, bioavid LFDs can also be used for testing raw materials and finished food. Within a few minutes, you will know whether the allergen being examined is contained or not. This allows a fast release process.  

Safely detect even highly positive samples: 

A general problem in LFD analysis are false negative results due to high allergen concentrations – known as overload effect or hook effect. High amounts of an analyte lead to an imbalance between analyte and the antibody used, so that the formation of the necessary sandwich complexes is impeded. Consequently, the formation of the test line is inhibited and false negative results could be inferred.  

To ensure safety of the LFD system, the bioavid LFDs have a so-called hook line. The hook line makes the overload effect visible. The attenuation or absence of the hook line indicates a very high content of allergen in the sample. As a result, high concentrations of the analyte can be detected and false negative results can be revealed. 

The procedure of bioavid LFDs is simple, fast and uniform for all parameters. A flowchart for the processing can be found here.


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Lateral Flow tests with Hook Line:

ProductArt. No.
Lateral Flow Coconut incl. Hook LineBLH700-15
Lateral Flow Almond incl. Hook LineBLH701-15
Lateral Flow Mustard incl. Hook LineBLH703-15
Lateral Flow Hazelnut incl. Hook LineBLH704-15
Lateral Flow Peanut incl. Hook LineBLH706-15
Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook LineBLH708-15
Lateral Flow Sesame incl. Hook LineBLH709-15
Lateral Flow Cashew incl. Hook LineBLH710-15
Lateral Flow Casein (Milk) incl. Hook LineBLH714-15
Lateral Flow Crustacean incl. Hook LineBLH716-15

Lateral Flow Tests without Hook Line:

ProductArt. No.
Lateral Flow MilkBL623-15
Lateral Flow Soy (soon available)BL612-15

Lateral Flow Tests without Hook Line in old format (no swabbing material included)*

ProductArt. No.
Lateral Flow Brazil NutBL602-25
Lateral Flow Macadamia NutBL605-10 / BL605-25
Lateral Flow WalnutBL607-10 / BL607-25
Lateral Flow PistachioBL611-10 / BL611-25

* These tests will also soon be available in a new format with hook line.

Support for allergen testing

Questions? Tap into our team’s expertise. We’re here to support you and your business throughout the testing process to ensure your success.