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Food allergen legislation now for non-pre-packed food

Restaurant customers have to be informed about food allergens

Holidays are coming – a great time to go to a restaurant. For customers with a food allergy the choice from the menu will be easier this year. Under the new EU food labelling law information about allergens must be provided to customers of restaurant and takeaways too.

Food allergen tests are essential for good risk management

Restaurant staff has to be trained to supply correct information about food allergens to customers. On the other hand the restaurant needs to be able to rely on data suppliers give them. The use of the appropriate allergen tests will help the supplier to maintain a sound allergen risk management.

Several food allergen testkit formats are available:

1 Lateral Flow Tests The best choice for “allergen hygiene monitoring”.
2 ELISA Ideal for testing series of samples – options for automation.
3 real-time PCR Identification of allergens on DNA level.

Most comprehensive selection of food allergen tests

All food allergens mentioned in the EU legislation can be detected with these methods. Depending on the requirements in your laboratory testkits are available for all kind of applications. For additional information, please contact our sales team.