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Improve your analysis skills


New regulations, new processes and not least new technologies are constantly changing laboratory work. Regular training courses for laboratory personnel are more important than ever.

In order to remain competitive, laboratories must be up-to-date regarding scientific and technological innovations – especially if they are ISO certified. Laboratories that want to train their employees can make use of the workshops regularly offered by R-Biopharm. The trainings on topics such as real-time PCR, allergens, microbiology or antibiotics provide useful background information and practical advice as well as the possibility to try out the test systems in the laboratory. The hands-on training is intended for beginners, who want to become familiar with the analytical methods, as well as for experienced personnel, who want to improve or refresh their analytical skills.

The workshops at R-Biopharm are divided in a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part covers important basics and principles of the analysis technique, while the practical part offers each participant the opportunity to perform the analysis in the laboratory. In addition, the workshop offers the opportunity to get to know the company R-Biopharm, to establish contacts and to exchange experiences with other participants.

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