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PCR analysis the easy way

rida cycler

Real-time PCR has proved to be a reliable and efficient analysis method in many areas. For laboratories who have avoided up to now the investments for PCR analysis, a new compact PCR cycler now makes it easy to get started.

Whether for allergen analysis, GMO detection, animal species identification or for the detection of microbiological contamination: real-time PCR is suitable for a wide range of applications and scores with high specificity, efficient implementation and fast results. The method is based on duplication and analysis of specific DNA sequences and reliably determines whether a food sample contains a particular plant or animal species. To perform a PCR test, laboratories need a thermal cycler for the generation of the necessary temperature cycles. For laboratories, this purchase is often associated with high costs and intensive training – but it doesn’t have to, as demonstrated by a new PCR instrument: the RIDA®CYCLER is affordable, fits into any lab and starts a PCR run in just four easy steps. In the video, Ronald Niemeijer presents the instrument in more detail:

RIDA®CYCLER: PCR analysis easier than ever

  • Compact: the portable 4-channel PCR cycler weighs only 2.1 kg and fits right in the palm of your hand
  • Modular and flexible: connect up to 10 devices to one PC via USB or wireless via Bluetooth®
  • Fast: the patented magnetic induction technology and a built-in fan ensures fast heating and cooling with excellent temperature uniformity
  • Convenient: due to the integrated centrifugation, no pre-centrifugation is required
  • User-friendly: the intuitive software with pre-i­nstalled thermal profiles ensures a simple operation without programming and a quick analysis start
  • Efficient: different assays can be processed simultaneously with the same thermal profile
  • Robust: with a fixed optical path and no moving parts, the instrument requires no calibration
  • Safe: the pre-loaded oil overlay in the tubes prevents condensation and evaporation leading to a reduction of the contamination risk
  • Reliable: the RIDA®CYCLER is validated for all SureFast® and SureFood® real-time PCR kits

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