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30 years ago, R-Biopharm was founded as a working group with only six employees. Today, it’s a leading developer of test solutions with more than 1,000 employees and subsidiaries and distributors all over the world. Take a look at our timeline and discover what happened on the way.


1988: Foundation of R-Biopharm as a subsidiary of Röhm GmbH

1991: Management buyout by Dr. Ralf M. Dreher

1993: Own sales network for Clinical Diagnostics

1996: Certification according to quality management standard ISO 9001

1998: Foundation of the first subsidiary (R-Biopharm Inc., USA)

2000: Worldwide exclusive distribution rights for the enzymatic test kits of Roche Diagnostics

2011: Acquisition of Rhône Diagnostics Technologies Ltd (90 %)

2002: Launch of the Gliadin kit (today’s bestseller). Foundation of the subsidiaries R-Biopharm Italia and R-Biopharm France

2005: Foundation of the subsidiary R-Biopharm Analysis Systems Trading Co. Ltd China

2006: Foundation of the subsidiaries R-Biopharm Brasil and R-Biopharm Latinoamérica

2007: Foundation of the subsidiaries R-Biopharm Australia and R-Biopharm España

2009: Move to the newly built headquarter at „An der neuen Bergstraße“

2010: Acquisition of Trilogy Analytical Laboratory, CTL & Ortholabor and Evomed Diagnostics AG

2011: Acquisition of CONGEN Biotechnolgie GmbH and humatrix AG. Foundation of Biotech-Park Pfungstadt GmbH & Co KG

2012: Acquisition of PROGEN Biotechnik GmbH and Bioserv Diagnostics GmbH

2013: Opening of Biotechpark Pfungstadt. New product field „Companion Diagnostics“ (Precision Medicine). Foundation of the subsidiary R-Biopharm Neugen Ptv. Ltd, India

2016: Acquisition of Europroxima

2017: Acquisition of Seramun Diagnostica GmbH

2018: R-Biopharm celebrates its 30th anniversary. Company founder Dr. Ralf M. Dreher hands over the management to his nephew Christian Dreher. Acquisition of Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S.

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