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R-Biopharm has finished the development of the RIDASCREEN®FAST Lysozym ELISA (Art. No. R6452) and since May this kit is available . This kit is suitable for the quantitative detection of lysozyme (hen’s egg protein) in foods like wine, cheese or sausage.

Lysozyme is one of the allergenic egg white proteins and is contained to 3.5 % in egg white protein. In addition to ovalbumin, ovomucoid and ovotransferrin lysozyme can lead people to allergic reactions. Under the European Allergen Regulation egg has to be declared in food.

Lysozyme is often used as a preservative in wine production as well as in sausage production. It is also used for cheese production to prevent butyric acid fermentation by the bacterium Clostridium tyrobutyricum.

The detection limit of the RIDASCREEN®FAST Lysozyme ELISA is 0.02 mg/kg (ppm) lysozyme and the limit of quantification is 0.05 mg/kg (ppm) lysozyme. The RIDASCREEN®FAST Lysozyme ELISA shows no cross reactivity to chicken meat or other egg proteins.