Art. No.: R6411

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Art. No.: R6411

Intended use

RIDASCREEN® Egg is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay developed for the quantitative analysis of native and processed hen´s egg in foods. The following foods were examined as representatives of the group of products including baked goods, sweets, sauces, and beverages: ice cream, noodles, salad dressing, wine, chocolate, and cookies. It is expected that this test will also be suited for the analysis of other foods; this needs to be checked by the user. The detection limit and the limit of quantification depend on the respective sample matrix, the extent of processing, and the extraction method.

General Information

Egg protein can either be present as an ingredient or as contamination in raw or heated foods. Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 prescribes that egg must be listed on food labels as a cause of food allergies. Comparable legal regulations are in place in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand, and many other countries.
Egg white contains approx. 10 % – 11 % protein. Allergologically of importance are four main allergens that make up 80 % of egg white protein content. The main allergens include ovomucoid (11 %), ovalbumin (54 %), ovotransferrin (12 %), and lysozyme (3.5 %). In contrast, the proteins in the egg yolk have only moderate allergenicity.


  • Detect processed and native egg in food matrix.
  • Two different extraction methods in one kit for the detection of processed egg with A-AEP or the easier extraction for native egg with the AEP.
  • AOAC-RI validation (PTM) in preparation.
Dear customers,

we have started to provide the documents for our products in an electronic format. These are the Instructions for Use (IFU), the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). For batches placed on the market after 01 January 2024, you can find our documents on the eIFU portal eifu.r-biopharm.com.

Art. NoR6411
Test formatMicrotiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Sample preparationHomogenization and extraction
Incubation time50 min
Room temperature
LOD (Detection Limit)0.15 mg / kg (ppm) whole egg powder (mean)
0.08 – 0.27 mg / kg (ppm) whole egg powder*
*depending on matrix
LOQ (Limit of quantification

0.25 mg / kg (ppm) whole egg powder
equivalent to 0.12 mg / kg (ppm) whole egg protein

Cross Reactivity.

Cross reactivity is given to egg from gooses, quails and ostrich.

Validated matrices

Ice cream, noodles, salad dressing, wine, chocolate, and cookies.

Detected analyte

Egg white proteins ovalbumin and ovomucoid from hen´s egg.

EvaluationMicrotiter plate spectrophotometer (450 nm)