Art. No.: RBRP903/48

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Art. No.: RBRP903/48

Intended use

Online immunoaffinity cartridges used in conjunction with the CHRONECT Symbiosis RIDA®CREST system for the automated clean-up and analysis of zearalenone prior to HPLC or LC-MS/MS.

General Information

The online zearalenone immunoaffinity cartridge is used in conjunction with the CHRONECT Symbiosis RIDA®CREST system, combining automated online sample application with quantitative analysis of zearalenone. The immunoaffinity cartridge contains a monoclonal antibody that is specific for zearalenone coupled to a hydrophilic polymer that can withstand high pressure. This enables the cartridge to be incorporated directly online with the HPLC system part of the
CHRONECT Symbiosis RIDA®CREST system.

The immunoaffinity cartridge offers highly specific, sensitive, rapid and automated analysis for zearalenone in a wide range of food and feed matrices. Using the zearalenone immunoaffinity cartridge, the sample application, washing and elution is performed online for a specified number of analyses before the cartridge is automatically removed and replaced with a new cartridge. This level of reuse has been found to offer optimum cartridge performance and prevent interference or carryover.

Following extraction of the toxins from the sample with solvent, the extract is filtered, diluted and transferred to an autosampler vial. The diluted extract is injected onto the immunoaffinity cartridge and any toxins present in the sample are retained by antibody in the cartridge. Unbound material is then removed by washing the cartridge and sending the resulting wash to waste. Subsequently the toxins are released from the antibody following online elution and the complete eluate from the cartridge is quantitatively analysed for zearalenone by HPLC or LC-MS/MS.


  • Fast: The cartridge offers rapid automated analysis.
  • Cost effective: Each cartridge can be used online for up to 15 injections.
  • High quality assurance: This level of reuse is designed to offer optimum cartridge performance whilst maintaining a high level of quality.
Dear customers,

we now provide the documents for our products in an electronic format which include the Instructions for Use (IFU), Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Application notes and the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). For batches placed on the market after 1st June 2023, you can find our documents on the eIFU portal

Art. NoRBRP903/48
Test formatRBRP903/48: 48 cartridges,
RBRP903: 96 cartridges
Sample preparationA representative sample should be obtained by following one of the officially recognised sampling procedures. It is recommended that a minimum of 1 kg of representative sample is finely ground and a portion (10 - 50 g dependent on method used) of this is removed and extracted.
Validated matrices

Food and feed.

Detected analyte

Zearalenon in food and feed.

Available application notes

Methods are available for all matrices covered by Legislation as well as additional commodities. Deviation from the methods described in our Instructions For Use may not result in optimum results. However, it is possible as part of the validation process that R-Biopharm Rhône can support customer specific methods. Please contact your local R-Biopharm distributor for further information.

EvaluationExcitation: 274 nm, Emission: 455 nm