VitaFast® Chicken Pancreatin (γ-Glutamylhydrolase)

Art. No.: P2002

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VitaFast® Chicken Pancreatin (γ-Glutamylhydrolase)

Art. No.: P2002

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Intended use

Chicken pancreatin (γ-glutamylhydrolase) for the enzymatic treatment of food and animal feed to determine the natural folic acid content. Chicken pancreatin is used for the enzymatic treatment of food prior to the determination of its natural folic acid content. The natural folic acid is hydrolysed with chicken pancreatin into folylmonoglutamate or folyldiglutamate. Chicken pancreatin is ideal for microbiological folic acid determination in microtiter plate format (VitaFast®). It is also suitable for the determination of the natural folic acid content using other methods. The use of chicken pancreatin has proven to be particularly beneficial for green vegetables (e.g. broccoli, spinach), grain products and yeast. One bottle contains 500 mg chicken pancreatin and is sufficient for 50 sample treatments.


  • The product is optimally adjusted to our VitaFast® kit for folic acid determination, but can also be used for other methods.


Art. NoP2002
Test format500 mg (solid)
Sample preparationAdd 5 ml redist. or deionized water.