Intended use:

This test is a colorimetric assay used in wine laboratories for the determination of “total sulfite” (SO2 total) concentration in wine, must and other food samples.

The assay does not involve any enzyme, the reaction is a chemical / colorimetric reaction, even if the chromogen is measured at 340 nm.

General Information:

The Enzytec™ Liquid product line enables the enzymatic determination of sugars, organic acids and other food components. These reagents are all liquid and ready-to-use, which brings a huge improvement in the lab organization:

  • In small laboratories, it is possible to test a few samples and store the reagents for further usage, since the original shelf-life remains valid.
  • In large laboratories with automation, the reagents can be placed directly on any biochemistry analyzer, and stay refrigerated on board for true random-access.


  • Reagents are liquid and ready-to-use (no reconstitution).
  • Easy handling with same pipeting scheme for all tests (2-reagent format).
  • Reagents are stable up to the expiry date, even after opening.
  • Easy and safe use on biochemistry analyzers.

Article NumbersE8600
Test format Test-kit with 2 x 50 determinations,
2 x 100 mL R1 + 2 x 25 mL R2 + 3.5 mL calibrator (100 assays)
Sample preparation Wine samples are tested directly
LOQ (Limit of quantification)

The limit is calculated via the Lambert-Beer law and depends on the application used. For example, if sample volume v = 0.500 ml and Delta A = 0.050 (A), then LoQ = 2.5 mg/l. This limit can be improved proportionally by increasing the sample volume.

Detected analyte SO2-Total (total sulfite)
Evaluation Colorimetric method (340 nm)
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