EuroProxima Aflatoxin B1

Art. No.: 5121AFB

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Product info

EuroProxima Aflatoxin B1

Art. No.: 5121AFB

Intended use

EuroProxima Aflatoxin B1 is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for quantitative analysis of aflatoxin B1 in cereals, rice, egg, nuts, honey, mashed fruits, edible oils and feed.

General Information

The Aflatoxins (Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2) are a group of structurally related, extremely toxic compounds produced by the moulds Aspergillus flavus, A. paraciticus and A. nomius . Aflatoxins cause cancer, mainly of the liver but also of the gut, lungs and breast. These moulds occur on food, feed and their ingredients, derived from tropical and sub-tropical areas. The most pronounced contamination has been found in cereals, rice, maize, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.Within the EU, maximum levels (MLs) for a number of mycotoxins have been set by Commission Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 (which has replaced earlier Regulations (EC) No 1525/98, 194/97 and 466/2001). Concerning the Aflatoxins, this Regulation has been amended by Commission Regulation (EC) No 165/2010. In this amending Regulation, changes in the MLs were needed for alignment with Codex Alimentarius FAO/WHO standards, and new groups of foodstuffs (oilseeds and apricot kernels) are specified. The MLs for Aflatoxin B1 in most of the foodstuffs for direct human consumption vary from 2 to 12 µg/kg (ppb). However, for processed cereal-based foods and baby foods for infants and young children as well as for dietary foods for special medical purposes intended specifically for infants, the ML for Aflatoxin B1 is set at 0.1 µg/kg (0.1 ppb). Especially for this low measuring range EuroProxima can provide the Aflatoxin B1 sensitive ELISA (5121AFBS).

Art. No5121AFB
Test formatMicrotiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 wells each).
Sample preparationFor mentioned matrices fast and efficient extraction methods are included in the kit description.
Incubation time1 h 30 min
LOD (Detection Limit)Cereals (0.5 μg/kg (ppb)), rice (0.4 μg/kg), egg (0.2 μg/kg), nuts (0.8 μg/kg), honey (0.2 μg/kg), mashed fruits (0.6 μg/kg), edible oils (0.2 μg/L), feed (1.0 μg/kg)
Validated matrices

Cereals, rice, eggs, nuts, honey, mashed fruits, edible oils and feed.

Detected analyte

Aflatoxin B1 in cereals, rice, eggs, nuts, honey, mashed fruits, edible oils and feed.

EvaluationMicrotiter plate spectrophotometer (450 nm)
InstructionsEnglish (English)