LuciPac™ A3 Water

Art. No.: ZLA1003672

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Product info

LuciPac™ A3 Water

Art. No.: ZLA1003672

Intended use

The LuciPac™ A3 Water is a kit for testing cleanliness levels of water and other liquid samples using bioluminescence techniques using firefly luciferase. The quantitative detection of the intra- and extracellular Adenosine Triphosphates (ATP),  Adenosine Diphosphates, Adenosindiphosphates (ADP) as well as Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP) is carried out in the portable luminometer Lumitester SMART (Art. No. ZSMART) or Lumitester PD-30 (Art. No. ZLT1402653). The instruments (Lumitester SMART or Lumitester PD-30) are not part of the test kit LuciPac™ A3 Water (Art. No. ZLA1003672).

General Information

This kit can be used to test cleanliness levels of water and other liquid samples. Do not use this device for any purpose other than what it was designed for as a tester of cleanliness levels of water, other liquid samples, or other application which is instructed to use by the manufacturer. Please be aware that this kit cannot be used to test or identify specific types of pathogenic bacteria. Water and other liquid samples may contain ATP, ADP and / or AMP which are caused by improper cleaning of facilities or originate from microorganisms propagating in such samples. Since this device measures ATP + ADP + AMP levels immediately, indications of improper cleaning processes, e.g. inadequate microbiological control of coolant or other industrial process water can be promptly detected. This device shall not provide any guaranty that a given test sample is free of bacterial contamination. Thus it is not suitable for microbial testing of originally ATP rich beverages, such as fruit juices.


  • Most sensitive ATP / ADP / AMP detection system.
  • Global first detection system using ATP / ADP / AMP.
  • Compatible with Lumitester SMART (Art. No. ZSMART).
  • Compatible with Lumitester PD-30 (Art. No. ZLT1402653).
  • Swab does not release chemicals to swabed surface.



Art. NoZLA1003672
Test format100 swab sticks (5 x 20 each) for 100 determinations
Sample preparationNo sample preparation
Incubation time10 sec