Intended use:

An enzyme for the clarification of cloudy apple juice and apple purée prior to patulin analysis.

General information:

Following AOAC method 2000.02 for patulin in apple juice (MacDonald et al.: Journal of AOAC International. Vol 83: No 6, 2000.) the apple juice is treated with pectinase enzyme to clarify the sample prior to extraction. Clear apple juice does not require the addition of pectinase prior to extraction.

Art. No. P129
Test format 1 bottle containing 16 ml of pectinase.
Sample preparation Sample is extracted with ethyl acetate and then cleaned-up by extraction with sodium carbonate solution. Samples are pre-treated with pectinase enzyme. The ethyl acetate extract is dried with anhydrous sodium sulphate. After evaporation of the solvent, the toxin is quantitatively determined by LC with UV detection. The total sample extraction and clean-up takes approximately 2 hours to perform. The result is improved clean-up of the toxin from the sample giving a much cleaner chromatogram.
Incubation time 2 hours at 40 °C, then centrifugation for 5 minutes or leave to settle overnight at room temperature, then centrifugation for 5 minutes.
Approvals Pectinase is used as part of AOAC method 2000.02 for analysis of patulin in cloudy apple juice and purée.
SDS2016-06_P129_Pectinase_MSDS-V1_EN_LowRes.pdf (English)
2018-04_p129_pectinase_safety-data-sheet-v1_en_lowres.pdf (Spanish)

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