PuriTox AflaZON

Art. No.: TC-M160

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Product info

PuriTox AflaZON

Art. No.: TC-M160

Intended use

Solid phase clean-up columns for the purification of aflatoxins and zearalenone from cereals.

General Information

PuriTox AflaZON columns can be used for the simultaneous detection of aflatoxins and zearalenone by HPLC or GC. The columns reduce background interference therefore producing better chromatography and improving accuracy of results. The clean-up columns can be used in conjunction with HPLC for the analysis of pigmented samples. The toxins are extracted from the sample, filtered and passed through the solid phase clean-up column. The solid phase clean-up column is used in conjunction with HPLC or GC for the analysis of difficult samples.


  • One sample preparation and extraction required per sample for the analysis of aflatoxin and zearalenone,
    saving time and money.
  • Optimised HPLC methods for the analysis of aflatoxin in peanuts (PuriTox Aflatoxin Art. No. RBRP25) or
    aflatoxin and zearalenone in cereals (PuriTox AflaZON Art. No. TC-M160).
  • Improved clean-up of peanut and cereal samples reducing background interference, improving the chromatography
    and the accuracy of results.
Art. NoTC-M160
Test format25 solid phase clean-up columns (syringe format)
Sample preparationA representative sample should be obtained by following an officially recognised sampling procedure. Sample is extracted using solvent (Extraction solvent can vary depending on commodity analysed), filtered and passed through the solid phase extraction column.
LOD (Detection Limit)formation provided is typical LOD obtained by R-Biopharm. Please note that this is dependant on method, LC conditions and equipment used.

Total AFT 1 ng/ml,
ZON 50 ng/ml
Detected analyte

Aflatoxins and zearalenone in cereals. May also be suitable for the analysis of other metabolites.

Available application notes

Methods are available for all matrices covered by legislation as well as additional commodities. Please contact your local R-Biopharm distributor for further information.

EvaluationHPLC or LC-MS/MS.