Art. No.: ZRA96FF

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Art. No.: ZRA96FF

Intended use

The RIDA®ABSORBANCE 96 is a microtiter plate reader for the automated readout of RIDASCREEN® ELISA tests from R-Biopharm AG and ELISA sales products. RIDASCREEN® ELISA tests and R-Biopharm sales products are carried out by professionally trained laboratory personnel according to the relevant test kit description under the stated conditions for the specific sample material.

General Information

The new RIDA®ABSORBANCE 96 is a compact reader for ELISA tests. Barely larger than a microtiter plate, it fits into any laboratory and, thanks to modern LED technology, enables simultaneous measurement of all 96 wells in just 5 seconds. The device is nearly maintenance-free, precise, robust and requires no additional power supply apart from the USB connection to the computer. The RIDA®ABSORBANCE 96 offers 4 different wavelengths and can be used for all RIDASCREEN® ELISA tests, both for food and feed analysis and for clinical diagnostics.

Features and benefits:

  • Versatility: 4 LEDs with different wavelength (405, 450, 540 and 630 nm)
  • Unique and space saving design: Footprint about one microtiterplate (5.5 x 9.6 x 15.4 cm)
  • Accuracy: High precision through innovative LED technology
  • Speed: Less than 5 seconds measurement time through 96 channels
  • Robustness: No moving mechanics during scanning process
  • Ease of use: No additional power supply required
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PllwIbyQ2gQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqyeIHPu4hI



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Dear customers,

we have started to provide the documents for our products in an electronic format. These are the Instructions for Use (IFU), the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). For batches placed on the market after 01 January 2024, you can find our documents on the eIFU portal eifu.r-biopharm.com/food.

Art. NoZRA96FF
Test formatWeight: 0.9 kg
Size: 96 x 55 x 154 mm
Light source: LED
Microtiter plate type: 96-well
Photometer range: 0.0 - 3.5 OD
Resolution: 0.001 OD
Data output: USB 2.0 interface with PC
Incubation timeReading speed:
- single wavelength: < 5 seconds
- dual wavelength: < 7 seconds
Evaluation4 LEDs with different wave length filters: 405, 450, 540 and 630 nm