Intended use:

RIDA®CHECK is a rapid swab test for monitoring the efficiency of surface cleaning procedures in the production environment. The test is intended to be used as a support for hygiene monitoring as well as general protein screening in allergen management.

General information:

During production processes protein residues from raw materials or food stuffs may remain on surfaces. These should be removed during the normal cleaning process. However cleaning actions are not always successful and consequently contamination may still remain and possibly lead to the cause of future health issues.

RIDA®CHECK’s methodology is based on the detection of protein residues and is independent of ATP. During the assay the swabbed protein residues react with the indicator molecule. This interaction induces a colour change of the colorimetric substance from yellow to green.  According to the intensity of the colour change (yellow → light green → green → dark green) the guideline determination of the contamination level is possible. The operator then determines whether the level of contamination in the tested area is still acceptable (according to routinely observed and recorded colour levels) to decide if corrective action has to be initiated.

Art. No. R1091, R1092
Test format R1091 - 50 swabs for 100 tests
R1092 - 20 swabs for 40 tests
Sample preparation no sample preparation
Incubation time 10 sec to 2 min (max.)
Detection limit 20 µg protein
Cross reactivity

RIDA®CHECK indicators are able to cross-react with bio-degradable disinfectants (mainly Chlorhexidine) which are almost entirely used for clinical/pharmaceutical purposes. In the presence of alkaline solution (pH 11 or higher) an intense colour change to dark green or blue can be observed.

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