Intended use:

The RIDA®CUBE SCAN is a photometric system that allows biochemistry testing, covering all enzymatic and colorimetric assays for the detection of organic acids (e.g. lactic acid), sugars (e.g. glucose) or other food components (e.g. sulfite). The test principles and reagents are the same than those used for manual testing.

Three analysers are available with different combinations of wavelengths: 340 nm is always present, in combination with a second wavelength respectively at 505, 546 or 580 nm. The combination of different instruments in the same laboratory will allow to increase the throughput, and to cover all wavelengths of the future test-kit portfolio.

RIDA®CUBE SCAN is compatible with the following enzymatic assays:

The Analyser set includes the instrument and the tablet PC. The tablet-PC is also available separately if broken or lost.



  • RFID technology: Pre-set calibration curve, lot number and expiry, number of tests remaining
  • Tablet PC interface: Android-based app, updates available via internet, USB connection, quick data entry, feedback option for trouble shooting, data transfer to printer of host
  • Maintenance-free: Fully automated system but no pipetting device, closed test cartridges, integrated QC self-test
  • Connectivity: Connection to PC, HIS or LIM via USB
  • Specifications: Weight 2.4 kg, dimensions 16 x 13 x 14.5 cm, CE-compliant

Hardware available:

  • RIDA®CUBE SCAN 340/505 Analyser set (Art. No. ZRCS0505)
  • RIDA®CUBE SCAN 340/546 Analyser set (Art. No. ZRCS0546)
  • RIDA®CUBE SCAN 340/580 Analyser set (Art. No. ZRCS0580)
  • RIDA®CUBE SCAN Tablet PC (Art. No. ZRCT0500)
Art. No. ZRC*****
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