RIDASCREEN® β-Lactoglobulin

Art. No.: R4901

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Product info

RIDASCREEN® β-Lactoglobulin

Art. No.: R4901

Intended use

RIDASCREEN® β-Lactoglobulin is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of β-lactoglobulin in hydrolyzed milk products including hypoallergenic baby food. The assay is calibrated to  hydrolyzed β-lactoglobulin check samples; the standards consist of native β-lactoglobulin. The assay detects native and processed protein and fragments thereof (during the heating of milk, the native ß-lactoglobulin is partially denatured).

General Information

Cow’s milk contains approx. 3.2 % proteins (2.6 % caseins and 0.6 % whey proteins). Approx. half of the whey fraction consists of β-lactoglobulin. The allergen can be present as an ingredient or as a contamination in raw and cooked products. According to the regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, milk and products thereof must be declared on food labels. Similar regulations exist e.g. in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. According to the Commission Directive 2006/141/EC on infant formulae, the immunoreactive protein shall be less than 1 %.

For the detection of native and processed β-lactoglobulin in beverages containing whey, milk or milk powder as well as in juice, wine, beer and in food like sausages, dressings, bakery products, ice, chocolate, yoghurt, etc. the use of RIDASCREEN® FAST β-Lactoglobulin (R4912) is recommended.

To detect casein or caseinates in food, the use of RIDASCREEN®FAST Casein (R4612) is recommended.


  • Developed to also detect the low molecular weight peptides in hydrolyzed formulas and helps to assess the remaining allergenic potential of hypoallergenic infant formula.
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Art. NoR4901
Test formatMicrotiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Sample preparationHomogenization and extraction
Incubation time2 h 45 min
Room temperature
LOD (Detection Limit)1.4 mg / kg (ppm) ß-lactoglobulin (mean)
0.9 - 2.1 mg / kg (ppm) ß-lactoglobulin*
*depending on matrix
LOQ (Limit of quantification

5 mg / kg (ppm) ß-lactoglobulin

Cross Reactivity.

Cross reactivity to sheep’s, buffalo’s and goat’s milk

Validated matrices

Hydrolyzed milk products including hypoallergenic baby food

Detected analyte
  • Peptides
  • Large fragments and native β-lactoglobulin
  • β-lactoglobulin from cow’s milk
Available application notes
  • Analysis of gluten or ß-lactoglobulin in supplemental enzymes.
EvaluationMicrotiter plate spectrophotometer (450 nm)