Intended use:

The kit is intended to be used for isolation of animal and plant DNA from food and feed as well as bacterial DNA from bacterial culture enrichments with the TANBead Maelstrom™ 8 Autostage or Maelstrom 4800.

Standardization and harmonization of methods

  • Reduction of errors and variability
  • Less handling errors
  • Consistent extraction results

Improved quality and performance

  • Better reproducibility and repeatability
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Less hands on time


  • Animal and plant matrices, as well as bacterial enrichments

General information:


1. Preparation of starting material
2. Lysis
3. Transfer of lysed sample-mix onto Auto Plate
4. Automatic Extraction with Maelstrom 8 Autostage


Art. No. F1060
Test format 96 preparations
New Product 1
SDSmsds_f1060_-surefast-mag-prep-food.pdf (English)
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