Intended use:

This kit will be replaced by S3611 in January 2018! Further information.

Qualitative detection of Lupine DNA.

The detection system system can be used on all available real-time PCR cyclers (ABI Prism, Eppendorf realplex, iCycler, Rotorgene, LightCycler). For DNA-preparation the use of SureFood® PREP Advanced, protocol 1 is recommended.

General information:

Lupin flour is used in food as additive to wheat flour. Lupin is also used in gluten-free bakery-products and food for celiac disease patients. The frequency of cross allergies between peanut and lupin is high. According to the EU Directive 2006/142/EC, lupin belongs to the allergenic ingredients which must be labelled. Currently there is no threshold proposed as limit up to which a product is allowed to contain lupin without indication at the label.

Art. No. S3111
Test format 100 reactions
Detection limit Depending on the sample matrix, processing grade, DNA preparation and DNA contant, the detection is limited to ≤ 0.4 ppm.
Cross reactivity

none known.

SDSS3111_MSDS_ALLERGEN_Lupin_2.0.pdf (English)
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