Intended use:

The kit is intended to be used for the isolation of Salmonella spp. – DNA from enrichments, avulsions and swabs. The SureFast® PREP Salmonella kit has been validated and certified in combination with the SureFast® Salmonella PLUS real-time PCR kit by AOAC (licence number: 041103).

In samples with a very low microbial activity (e.g heat pasteurized egg white powder) a contamination with not viable or not culturable bacteria cells might be observed. In case of other conditions the samples show a fast metabolization of these cells. To assess the process of bacterial growth, it is recommended to compare the samples at the beginning and at the end of the culturing.



  • AOAC-RI - Licence No. 041103
Art. No. F1007
Test format 100 reactions
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