RIDA®QUICK mycotoxin lateral flow assays are the perfect analytical tool if on-site testing is required and there is no time for sending samples to analytical labs.

Particularly in the analysis of mycotoxins, there is a high frequency of testing, but no time to collect samples for multiple-sample screening (e.g. ELISA) or for HPLC / LC-MS/MS testing. Single results are needed to take fast decision e.g. on accepting a truck load of raw material. Lateral flow tests reduce the time-to-result and are therefore ideal for incoming goods control.

Advantages of RIDA®QUICK lateral flow tests:

  • Ideal tool for on-site testing
  • Short time to result (3 – 5 minutes incubation time)
  • Low equipment costs
  • Low training requirements
  • Aqueous extraction available for most mycotoxins (Aflatoxin, DON, Fumonisin, T-2/HT-2)
  • Meet regulatory limits in many countries worldwide
  • No incubator needed because room temperature is sufficient

Quantitative evaluation of the lateral flow tests is carried out by the RIDA®SMART APP, a convenient smartphone app.

The lateral flow tests by R-Biopharm made analysis manageable even at peak times and there was no bottleneck delaying the deliveries. – Tobias Markieton, head of quality management at Schapfenmühle. Read full story

RIDA®SMART APP – the smart way of test evaluation

The RIDA®SMART APP allows for sensitive and highly accurate evaluation of quantitative R-Biopharm lateral flow strips. The innovative smartphone app makes mycotoxin analysis easier than ever before.

  • Fastest mycotoxin LFD reader in the market
  • More cost-effective alternative to bench-top readers
  • Highly flexible in when and where you test
  • Simple workflow
  • Accurate results

The RIDA®SMART APP has various connectivity options: You can directly report your results via network connections (mobile, WiFi ect.) or report later by exporting data from the internal data base. The app also features an implemented service request function. Learn more.

R-Biopharm lateral flow tests for mycotoxin analysis

Choose the desired mycotoxin from the list to find the product that suits your needs.

For the detection of aflatoxin, two different lateral flow tests are available – one with ethanol/methanol extraction and one with aqueous extraction (“ECO”).

RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RQS (Art. No. R5208) – with ethanol/methanol extraction

  • Incubation time: 3 min
  • Detection limit: < 2 μg/kg
  • Matrices: Corn.

RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RQS ECO (Art. No. R5209) – with aqueous extraction

  • Incubation time: 5 min
  • Detection limit: 2 μg/kg
  • Matrices: Corn

RIDA®QUICK DON (Art. No. R5911) – with aqueous extraction

  • Incubation time: 3 min
  • Detection limit: 0.15 mg/kg
  • Matrices: Corn, Wheat, Oats, Barley.

RIDA®QUICK Fumonisin RQS ECO (Art. No. R5606) – with aqueous extraction

  • Incubation time: 5 min
  • Detection limit: 0.3 mg/kg
  • Matrices: Corn

RIDA®QUICK T-2 / HT-2 RQS ECO (Art. No. R5304) – with aqueous extraction

  • Incubation time: 5 min
  • Detection limit: 50 μg/kg
  • Matrices: Oats, corn, and wheat

RIDA®QUICK Zearalenon RQS (Art. No. R5504) – with ethanol/methanol extraction

  • Incubation time: 5 min
  • Detection limit: 5 μg/kg (RIDA®QUICK SCAN), 50 μg/kg (RIDA®SMART APP)
  • Matrices: Corn

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