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The RIDA®SMART APP is a complete new evaluation technology for the quantification of mycotoxins. This technology evaluates lateral flow tests (LFDs), which are used for immunochromatographic analysis of mycotoxins. The app provides reliable and accurate results, which can be forwarded via e-mail or easily sent to any supported printer. The app represents a more inexpensive, easier and faster alternative to conventional LFD reading devices.

Mycotoxin analysis – easier than ever before

RIDA®SMART APP is compatible with all quantitative RIDA®QUICK mycotoxin tests:

  • RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RQS
  • RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RQS ECO
  • RIDA®QUICK Zearalenon RQS
  • RIDA®QUICK Fumonisin RQS

The RIDA®SMART APP has to be installed on the smartphone NEXUS 6 from Google. This smartphone should be preferentially ordered by a supplier of the customer’s choice but can also be bought via R-Biopharm.

Scan smart, be smart

Learn more about the RIDA®SMART APP and how it revolutionizes the analysis of mycotoxins in our SlideShare presentation.


  • Format: Software: application for smartphone. Hardware: smartphone NEXUS 6 or NEXUS 6P and PIXEL XL by producer Google (can be purchased from any supplier).
  • Smartphone specifications: Size: 15,9 x 8,3 x 1 cm. Weight: 0,184 kg. Memory capacity: 32 GB or 64 GB.
  • Technology performance: 70 % – 130 % recovery.
  • Compatibility: At this juncture, the RIDA® SMART APP is enabled to be installed and used exclusively on the Android-based smartphone NEXUS 6 by Google.
  • Data exports: Export of test results to an e-mail address, cloud or printer via WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Data retention: Test results are filed inside the RIDA® SMART APP database and can be accessed again at any given moment.

Get started

Are you interested in the RIDA®SMART APP? Find out how to start using the app in our Quick Starter Guide.

You can get the app on

Art. No. ZRSAM1000
Test format Android 5.1- Android 8.0 OS based application for GOOGLE NEXUS 6, NEXUS 6P and Pixel XL devices
Additional information • No additional equipment necessary
• No external power needed
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