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RIDA®QUICK T-2 / HT-2 RQS is a quantitative immunochromatographic test in strip format for the detection of T-2 / HT-2 toxin in oats, wheat and corn (maize). Evaluation is performed by RIDA®QUICK SCAN or RIDA® SMART APP.

The RIDA®QUICK T-2 / HT-2 RQS test is capable of detecting T-2 / HT-2 toxin contaminations of 50 – 800 μg/kg or 500 – 8,000 μg/kg if test strip evaluation is performed with the RIDA®QUICK SCAN reader. T-2 / HT-2 toxin contaminations can be detected in the range of >= 50 – 1000 μg/kg or 1000 – 10000 μg/kg when evaluating with the RIDA®SMART APP.


Art. No. R5304
Test format 20 x test strips (one for each determination, separately packed)
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