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RIDA®QUICK Fumonisin RQS ECO is a quantitative immunochromatographic strip test with an aqueous extraction method for the detection of fumonisin in corn. The evaluation is carried out with the RIDA®QUICK SCAN reader or RIDA® SMART APP software.

General information:

Fumonisins are carcinogenic, neuro-, hepato- and pneumotoxic metabolites of Fusarium moniliforme, a mould fungi, which predominantly grows hostspecific on corn. Further agricultural products are at risk to be contaminated. The toxic concentrations of fumonisin differ significantly depending on the animal species.
A concentration of approx. 5 – 10 mg/kg fumonisin in feed induces neurotoxic effects in horses. In pigs the ingestion of 4 – 16 mg/kg body weight may result in liver cirrhosis and more than 16 mg/kg bw. may lead to pulmonary edema. Chickens tolerate higher concentrations of fumonisin in feed, up to 75 mg/kg. Cattle seem to be insensitive to high fumonisin concentrations.

Art. No. R5606
Test format 20 x test strips
Sample preparation extract fumonisins by shaking (aqueous extraction method), sedimentation (alternatively filtration or centrifugation), dilution
Incubation time 5 min
Detection limit 0.3 mg/kg
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