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RIDA®CUBE SCAN – an automated enzymatic analyzer

Automated enzymatic analyzer – RIDA CUBE SCAN

Does automation only make sense for large laboratories with a high sample throughput? The answer is: no, not anymore!

The RIDA®CUBE SCAN is a portable, automated enzymatic analyzer and will fit in any laboratory, even with a low sample throughput. You can save time and money on your enzymatic analysis even if you are testing only a few samples per day.

What can this automated enzymatic analyzer do for me?

Enzymatic analysis plays an important role in quality control of products like fruit juices, wine, honey and many more. Sugars, organic acids and other constituents are important quality parameters. Automated enzymatic analyzers have been on the market for many years – but they require a high sample throughput to be used efficiently. The RIDA®CUBE SCAN automated enzymatic analyzer processes individual samples. So even if you have only a few samples per day – you can save time (and money) with automation.

But there is more:

Using the RIDA®CUBE SCAN offers you more advantages:

  • All reagents are ready to use – no reconstitution of enzyme solutions required.
  • All required method data are stored on a RFID card, supplied in each test kit. Just put the RFID card on the RIDA®CUBE SCAN, enter the sample ID, sample volume and you are ready to start.
  • Add the sample to the cartridge; close the cartridge with the cap. Put the cartridge in the RIDA®CUBE SCAN and start the analysis. The analyzer will do the rest.
  • The tablet PC, supplied with the RIDA®CUBE SCAN, calculates the result for you – so no more complicated calculations.

This small and handy analyzer will make enzymatic analysis in food quality control easier and more convenient.

Small in size – Big in performance

The RIDA®CUBE SCAN may be small, but the performance is great. The results are as good as obtained with the larger automates or in comparison with manual enzymatic testing:

Just take a look here to learn all about the RIDA®CUBE SCAN automated enzymatic analyzer. Convince yourself and ask your local R-Biopharm representative for a demonstration.

Interested to start saving time and money in enzymatic analysis?

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