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Introducing a better way to check the vitamin content

Foods like infant formula, baby food and dairy drinks are often fortified with vitamins. Since manufacturers must ensure that the labelled level of vitamin is actually present in the product, determining the vitamin content is crucial. A new immunoaffinity column makes your vitamin analysis more effective and convenient.

More and more consumers want to eat healthy. Accordingly, the demand for foods with higher level of vitamins is rising. Many foods like infant formula, baby food and milks are fortified with vitamins to ensure a sufficient vitamin supply. However, fortification is an expensive process. Manufacturers face the challenge of using vitamin premixes sparingly, while being required to ensure that the labelled level of vitamin is still present at the end of the shelf life. A rapid, sensitive and reliable determination of vitamin content is therefore necessary.

Increase lab efficiency through multi-analyte testing

Most traditional analysis methods are not capable of meeting the new challenges requiring low-level determination of vitamins with a high specificity. In addition, the demand for time-saving multi-analyte approaches is increasing.

Newer HPLC-based analysis methods are capable of determining multiple vitamins in a single analysis. However, sample preparation had to be carried out separately for each analyte.

R-Biopharm Rhône has recently introduced a new immunoaffinity column for the simultaneous analysis of multiple vitamins in a wide range of commodities. Biotin, folic acid and vitamin B12 are extracted from the sample simultaneously. The fast and convenient clean-up procedure can be performed prior to detection by HPLC or LC-MS/MS, resulting in reduced chromatography interference and lower detection limits.


  • Sensitive: Low CV, excellent recoveries and detection limit
  • Rapid: Clean-up in 90 minutes prior to detection by HPLC or LC-MS/MS
  • Reliable: Monoclonal antibody selectively isolates and concentrates biotin, folic acid & vitamin B12
  • Robust: Can be stored at room temperature

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