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Can you improve a gold standard method?

Enzymatic food analysis is probably one of the oldest biochemical methods in food and feed testing. The so-called “Yellow Line” from Roche is widely accepted as a reference method for many food and feed testing applications. R-Biopharm has successfully sold these products for more than 20 years. So why change a winning team?

The start of enzymatic food and feed testing

Enzymes have been used in analytical methods since the 1950’s. Initially used for clinical applications, analytical methods based on enzymes found their way into food and feed analysis too. In 1975 the company Boehringer Mannheim (now part of Roche Diagnostics) developed the first enzymatic assays for food testing. Thanks to the high specificity, sensitivity and ease of use of this method compared to other, physicochemical methods, the enzymatic tests were soon adopted as official methods or reference methods for various applications in dairy, juices and wine. R-Biopharm got the worldwide exclusive distribution rights for these products in 2000 and we successfully developed this market further. By now the “Yellow Line” is a well-known and most used brand in food analysis.

The next generation – Enzytec™ Liquid or the “Yellow Line 2.0”

Yet, after almost 50 years, we think it is time for the next generation enzymatic assays: Enzytec™ Liquid – or as we like to call it: The “Yellow Line 2.0”. We listened carefully to our customers on how we could improve a gold standard method and we developed this new product line for enzymatic analysis.

The Enzytec™ Liquid products offer you:

  • Liquid, ready to use reagents
  • Stability of the liquid reagents during the entire shelf life, even after opening
  • Ease of use – same pipetting scheme for almost all tests
  • Easy to implement on your existing biochemistry analyzers
  • Automation with full-service package available

Of course, we made no compromise in quality so you can still count on:

  • High precision, sensitivity and specificity
  • Broad measurement range, high linearity and robustness
  • Many different, validated applications for all kinds of food
  • Excellent application and technical support

Start now with the next generation enzymatic food and feed testing: The Enzytec™ Liquid products – the “Yellow Line 2.0”. Take a look at the extensive and still expanding Enzytec™ Liquid product portfolio and learn more about this new product line.