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Whether you want to analyze wine, beer, fruit juices, sweets, dairy or meat products: Enzymatic methods for the determination of sugar, acid, alcohol and other food components have become an indispensable part of food analysis. If you want to use enzymatic methods in on-site testing, here’s how it works.

Quantitative determination of carbohydrates and organic acids using enzymatic tests is a standard method in food analysis. The benefit of this approach is the high specificity of the enzymes, allowing precise analysis even of complex sample material. Moreover, enzymatic tests are suitable for production control and quality assurance of a wide range of food products, for example:

  • Enzymatic tests are essential in beverage analysis since acid and sugar contents provide an important quality indicator in beer- and wine-making (cf. How to determine acids in wine).
  • When manufacturing dairy products such as yoghurt, buttermilk or cheese, the lactic acid content must be monitored.
  • When manufacturing dietary foods for diabetics, the analysis of sugar contents is crucial.
  • When manufacturing fruit juices, the analysis of alcohol content, acetic acid and lactic acid is necessary in order to comply with the regulatory limit values.

Enzymatic analyses, on-site and fully automatic

Enzymatic analysis normally requires several pipetting steps and some equipment, making a laboratory necessary. Now, the handy, fully automatic RIDA®CUBE SCAN allows for on-site enzymatic testing – directly at the winery, brewery or in other production facilities. The following movie shows how it works:

On-site analysis for determining acid and sugar contents, running automatically and providing results in less than 15 minutes: it’s possible with the RIDA®CUBE SCAN. Due to its compact size, the instrument can be easily transported in a standard camera bag and can be used wherever you like. You only need to pipette the sample into the cartridge; all other steps are performed automatically.

Would you like to know more about the RIDA®CUBE SCAN? We would be pleased to send you further information or to give you a live presentation.

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