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RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran SEM: A new ELISA for the detection of Nitrofuran metabolites in food


R-Biopharm AG is pleased to extend its range of quantitative ELISA tests for the screening of Nitrofuran metabolites in food and now offers RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran SEM for the detection of Semicarbazide (SEM) in shrimps, meat (beef, pork, poultry) and fish.

With detection limits < 0.4 ppb, the test fulfils the Minimum Required Performance Limit (MRPL) of 1 ppb of the European Union.
A complete analysis can be performed within 1 day including approx. 5 h for the sample preparation and 1 h 15 min for the test implementation.
The test kit includes all reagents required for the enzyme immunoassay and additionally, nitrobenzaldehyde which is needed for sample preparation (derivatisation).

The complete product range of RIDASCREEN® ELISAs for the detection of Nitrofuran metabolites is as follows:
R3715 RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran SEM
R3722 RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran AMOZ
R3711 RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran AOZ
R3713 RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran AHD

Background about Nitrofurans

Nitrofurans are antibacterial synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics which are used as growth promoters in livestock breeding due to their excellent antibacterial and pharmacokinetic properties. However, because of their proven carcinogenic characteristics, food of animal origin containing Nitrofuran residues, establish a severe health risk for the consumer. Therefor, Nitrofurans were banned for the use in farm animals in the European Union and for test systems a Minimum Required Performance Limit (MRPL) of 1 ppb was established. Since Nitrofurans are metabolized very rapidly after treatment, the analysis of Nitrofurans is based on the detection of tissue bound metabolites rather than the parent compound.

Nitrofurazone: metabolite Semicarbazide = SEM
Furazolidone: metabolite 3-Amino-2-oxazolidinone = AOZ
Furaltadone: metabolite 3-Amino-5-morpholinomethyl-2-oxazolidinone = AMOZ
Nitrofurantoin: metabolite 1-Aminohydantoin = AHD

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