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RIDA®SMART APP: New update for mycotoxin app

In the last months, the RIDA®SMART APP for mycotoxin analysis has received much attention. Now, there’s a new update for the innovative software for quantitative analysis of mycotoxins. Here’s what the new version 1.2 can do.

More and more businesses are using the RIDA®SMART APP for quantification of mycotoxins. Now, the app received another update. The most important innovation: the app is now compatible with even more test kits. Fumonisin and T-2/HT-2 have been added. This means, the app can now be used with all quantitative RIDA®QUICK mycotoxin tests.

In addition, the measurement range of some mycotoxin tests when using the RIDA®SMART APP has been extended again. With the rapid test RIDA®QUICK T-2/HT-2, analyses in a range from 50 to 10000 μg/kg are now possible. When using the LFD reader RIDA®QUICK SCAN, concentrations can only be detected in a range from 50 to 8000 μg/kg. Furthermore, image capturing has been optimized and simplified when using the RIDA®SMART APP.


RIDA®SMART APP-compliant test systems:

Art. No. Product Measuring range  
R5208 RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RQS 2 – 300 μg/kg (ppb) Details
R5209 RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RQS ECO 2 – 300 μg/kg (ppb) Details
R5911 RIDA®QUICK DON 0.25 – 50 mg/kg (ppm) Details
R5504 RIDA®QUICK Zearalenon RQS 50 – 1000 μg/kg (ppb) Details
R5606 RIDA®QUICK Fumonisin RQS 300 – 10000 μg/kg (ppb) Details
R5304 RIDA®QUICK T-2/HT-2 RQS 50 – 10000 μg/kg (ppb) Details


With the expansion of the compatibility to further test kits, RIDA®SMART APP is now an ideal companion for the forthcoming harvest season. In combination with RIDA®QUICK lateral flow tests, the app allows a reliable quantification of mycotoxin contents – fast, cost efficient and without the need for additional equipment. Take advantage of these benefits and request your personal RIDA®SMART APP license now (Art. No. ZRSAM1000)!


For more information on the RIDA®SMART APP please watch our video – or visit There, you will also have the opportunity to register and to download the latest version of the app.


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