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Unveiling the power of FUMONIPREP®: Unlocking your solution to accurate fumonisin detection

Detecting and mitigating mycotoxins like fumonisins have emerged as pivotal concerns in ensuring food and feed safety.

The increased focus on fumonisin testing stems from various critical factors –

Health concerns: Fumonisins have been associated with severe health issues in both humans and animals. These toxins, when ingested through contaminated food or feed, can lead to detrimental health outcomes, making their accurate detection and control paramount for safeguarding well-being.

Regulatory compliance: Rigorous regulations governing mycotoxin levels in food and feed are imperative for international trade and consumer safety. Adherence to these standards is crucial to maintain the quality and safety of products crossing borders and reaching consumers worldwide.

Quality control in the food industry: Manufacturers within the food industry place significant emphasis on strict quality control measures. This focus ensures that their products meet high safety standards, instilling confidence in consumers and meeting regulatory requirements.

Technological advancements: Testing methods, like immunoaffinity columns, have facilitated precise detection. Such methods have empowered laboratories and industries to conduct more efficient and reliable analyses, ensuring better control over food and feed safety.

Included in the array of solutions available from R-Biopharm Rhône is FUMONIPREP®, an established and revered immunoaffinity column designed for accurate fumonisin B1, B2 and B3 analysis.

FUMONIPREP® stands as a testament to reliability surpassing Official Method criteria. Produced with meticulous attention through our established automated systems, it doesn’t just ensure consistency but also boasts unique batch number etching—ensuring both traceability and unwavering reliability.

The use of immunoaffinity clean-up eliminates matrix effects, instilling confidence in the accuracy of results. Since the launch of the product, there have been numerous scientific publications showcasing its exceptional performance, emphasising its consistent high-level results. FUMONIPREP®‘s high antibody loading ensures accurate reporting even in highly contaminated samples. Its versatility spans various applications, utilising optimised methods compatible with HPLC or LC-MS/MS detection. This proficiency ensures optimised recoveries and impressively low limits of detection. Automation options enhance workflow, providing a seamless testing experience.

As the interest in fumonisin testing continues to rise, selecting a reliable testing solution is critical. FUMONIPREP® ensures safety, regulatory adherence, and industry standards, making it an indispensable ally in the pursuit of quality and safety. With over 35 years of global expertise as a mycotoxin test kit provider, R-Biopharm Rhône’s commitment to reliability demonstrates profoundly. Contact us for more information on the how R-Biopharm Rhone can assist with your testing requirements.