Intended use:

RIDA®QUICK CIS is an immunochromatographic test for the detection cow’s milk in milk or cheese of other species (sheep and goat).

General information:

Sheep’s milk and goat’s milk are much more expensive than cow’s milk, which is often used to extend sheep and goat’s milk. This means an adulteration of the product according to EU-law.

Art. No. R4303
Test format 25 x reaction strips (one for each determination)
Sample preparation milk: use directly in the test cheese: homogenization and filtration
Incubation time 5 min
LOD (Detection limit) approx. 0.5 % cow’s milk in sheep and goat’s milk approx. 0.5 % cow’s milk in sheep and goat’s cheese RIDA®QUICK CIS test is capable to detect adulterations or mixtures up to 0.5 %. A positive result indicates that the sample has a cow milk content of 0.5 % or more.
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