Set of 3 processed Gliadin Assay Controls

Art. No.: R7012

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Product info

Set of 3 processed Gliadin Assay Controls

Art. No.: R7012

Intended use

Three contaminated Gliadin assay controls: one below 10 ppm (< 20 ppm limit value for gluten) and two high positive homogenized snack samples; in cooperation with Trilogy® Analytical Laboratories.

The processed assay controls are used to control extraction, test performance and handling of the RIDASCREEN® Sandwich ELISA (R7001, R7002 and R7051) and RIDA®QUICK assays (R7003 and R7004) for detection of Gliadin. The assay controls need to be extracted with the Cocktail (patented) (R7006 / R7016, official R5-Mendez method).

General Information

Each of the three assay controls contains 1.5 g homogenized snack samples; one negative and two positive homogenized snack samples. The concentration of the respective assay control after extraction with the Cocktail (patented) is specified in the Certificate of Analysis.

The gliadin assay controls are not a reference material. Incurred samples should be used for the validation of the RIDASCREEN® Gliadin tests.


Art. NoR7012
Test format3 x 1.5 g homogenized snack samples
Sample preparationThe extraction has to be done as described in the respective test kit instructions.

The samples need to be prepared with the Cocktail (patented) (R7006 / R7016).