SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Cereals

Art. No.: S7006

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Product info

SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Cereals

Art. No.: S7006

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Intended use

The SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Cereals is a real-time PCR test for the direct, qualitative detection and differentiation of specific wheat (Triticum), barley (Hordeum vulgare) and rye (Secale cereale) DNA sequences in food.

Each reaction contains an internal amplification control (IAC).

General Information

For DNA preparation, the use of SureFood® PREP Advanced (S1053), protocol 1, is recommended.

The real-time PCR assay can be performed with commonly used real-time PCR instruments, equipped for detection of four fluorescence emissions at the channels FAM, VIC/HEX, ROX and Cy5 at the same time. The technical validation of instruments was performed on Roche LightCycler® 480 II, Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q, Applied Biosystems 7500, Bio-Rad CFX96, R-Biopharm RIDA®CYCLER, Agilent AriaDx and Agilent Mx3005P.

The SureFood® PCR systems are very sensitive and therefore even a small amount of target DNA is sufficient for a successful analysis.


Art. NoS7006
Test format100 reactions
LOD (Detection Limit)≤ 1 mg / kg
EvaluationReal-time PCR instrument with four detection channels (510 nm, 580 nm, 610 nm and 660 nm)