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Lactoferrin, a healthy addition to baby milk powder

lactoferrin in milchpulver

A natural improvement of the baby’s immune system is mediated by the protein Lactoferrin in mother’s milk. There it plays an important role in the innate immune system and represents a first anti-microbial and anti-viral defense system. The anti-microbial effect is mainly caused by the chelation of iron-ions, which are important for bacterial growth. Besides that, lactoferrin is reported to be an antioxidant that may strengthen the immune response by supporting the proliferation, differentiation and activation of immune cells. Lactoferrin is found in mucosal secretions, urine and plasma. The highest concentration of lactoferrin is found in milk and colostrum.

After the European Food Safety Authority approved bovine lactoferrin (bLF) as novel food ingredient in 2012, the demand for this substance has exploded due to the application in baby powder milk, especially in China.

The addition of Lactoferrin does not only improve the value of the milk powder, but makes it also more expensive. To monitor the concentration of added bovine lactoferrin, the EuroProxima brand of R-Biopharm presents the Lactoferrin FAST ELISA. This ELISA test is specifically developed for the use in baby milk powder. It is a fast screening test with an easy sample preparation without use of any organic solvent.

The advantage of ELISA over other techniques is the detection of only the active form of lactoferrin. If the lactoferrin molecule is damaged by heating procedures, it will not be recognized by the antibody of the ELISA.

For more information about the EuroProxima Lactoferrin FAST ELISA (Art. No. 5091LFERF), please contact your local distributor.

EuroProxima Lactoferrin FAST

(Art. No. 5091LFERF)5091LFERF EuroProxima Lactoferrin ELISA

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