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Particularly innovative:  the first ANIMAL ID Multiplex real-time PCR test kit beef-sheep-goat


Multiplex real-time PCR test kit beef-sheep-goat- small and large ruminants in combination with an internal amplification and animal control (IAAC). A test e.g. for feed or even meat analysis.

Using a corresponding 4-channel qPCR thermocycler with the channels FAM, ROX, VIC/HEX and Cy5, three ruminant can be specifically identified in one reaction as well as an internal amplification control is provided.

Additionally, in the absence of such species it can be observed, whether another species is included in the sample. This analysis is not only of importance for correct labeling of meat and meat products: After an intensive but successful eradication of the BSE crisis and an expected increased use of bone meal in the future, it will be increasingly important to test for the absence of ruminant feed material.

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