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Small things can make big differences. A compact design, easy handling and long shelf life make RIDA®STAMP a perfect tool in food microbiology testing. With RIDA®STAMP we offer you an extensive range of ready-to-use contact plates for hygiene control.

RIDA®STAMP is a new, simple and efficient method to perform hygiene controls. You can use RIDA®STAMP as a contact plate on all surfaces in the production environment as well as on solid foods. RIDA®STAMP is based on a special petri dish filled with specific agar. Hygiene control has never been easier: Open the plate, press on the surface, close lid, incubate and count – ready!

The petri dishes are ideal to stack in the incubator thanks to the special design and small size. Likewise, storage in the refrigerator requires limited space. RIDA®STAMP has a long shelf life, which is a major advantage compared to other agar based systems!

The RIDA®STAMP  portfolio contains 11 different products for different microorganisms. They are available in two different package sizes (25 or 50 plates):

Product name Detection of
RIDA®STAMP Cereus Bacillus cereus
RIDA®STAMP Coliform coliform bacteria
RIDA®STAMP ECC E. coli & coliform bacteria
RIDA®STAMP Pseudomonas Pseudomonas spp.
RIDA®STAMP S. aureus Staphylococcus aureus
RIDA®STAMP Staph Staphylococcus spp.
RIDA®STAMP Total Total plate count (TPC)
RIDA®STAMP Total Desi TPC for sanitation control
RIDA®STAMP Vibrio Vibrio spp.
RIDA®STAMP YM-P yeasts & molds

Our microbiological hygiene control solutions

RIDA®STAMP contact plates for hygiene control are a great addition to Compact Dry and the Lumitester. These three products will make food microbiology and hygiene monitoring easier. Interested to learn more about our microbiological hygiene control solutions? Send an e-mail to our food analysis experts!

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