GEN-IAL® QuickGEN Beer differentiation low

Art. No.: Q082

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Product info

GEN-IAL® QuickGEN Beer differentiation low

Art. No.: Q082

Intended use

Differentiation of beer spoilage bacteria and yeast in beer and mixed beer drinks.

The following bacteria and yeast are differentiated:

  • L. acetotolerans, L. backii, L. brevis/L. brevisimilis/L. parabrevis, L. lindneri, L. casei/
    L paracasei, L. buchneri/L. parabuchneri, L. collinoides/L. paracollinoides, L .perolens/
    L. harbinensis, L. plantarum/L. paraplantarum, L. coryniformis, L. rossiae
  • Pediococcus spp. (P. acidilactici, P. parvulus, P. inopinatus, P. pentosaceus), P. claussenii,
    P. damnosus
  • Pektinatus spp.
  • Megasphaera spp.
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • S. diastaticus
  • Pichia anomala

General Information

The TaqMan® real-time PCR is based on hot-start-PCR and sequence-specific dual labelled probes (FAM/DQ; HEX/DQ; ROX/DQ).

*Real-time PCR machine for low profile tubes.


Art. NoQ082
Test format12 strips à 8 tubes (one strip per sample, tube 2 contains lyticase) for 12 samples.